I just ate a whole bag of popcorn


Azealia Banks Godzilla is FIERCE
Azealia Banks
Godzilla is FIERCE

can’t get enoughhhhh

Watching the Lawson/Cat scene for the first time.
Wow, get me a bucket

You’re both drunk and I’m screaming at the T.V for you to both stop akuawgjewfgboiahfswedfws I don’t know what else to say wow

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 & 2 for $60….yes please!


Oh Melbourne 💞💘💕

My face, hair and pillows are stained with salty tears
They have been for years
But apparently I’m just being silly
You apparently must love your mother. Why wouldnt you?
Maybe because she’s manipulative and has made my life crap for the past 12 years. Why should I keep pretending everythings fine and okay?
I want people to acknowledge my sadness and depression for once. Why must you think it’s a joke. Yours of course is real because you’re an alcoholic but mine’s not
Noone realises how sad you’ve made me over the years
I cant stand to be around you. The thought of having to live with you until I’m able to support myself on my own makes me sick. I haven’t wanted to be around you for 10 years. Why do you think you can change my mind now?
Youve never seen how sad I’ve been
And that makes it even worse


Jessica Swaffer - Melbourne, Australia

Erdem S/S 2012 rtw

Life is too short to be holding on to old grudges